So WE and yes that is the royal WE here, Are Amazing!

All I want to say is thank you. Thank you to the tribe that brings the heat, shows others what is possible, and leads the world in so many ways it is not possible to be any cooler.

I believe we inspire others to see what is possible, and by doing that we push them to do what we have done. We won’t take credit for NP Victoria but we will welcome them to the family.

Rumon posted the brilliance that is found below Mel’s weekly amazing as heard at workout.

For now keep making the world a better place.



“All of the lights…” “Ok, Kanye…”
“I just wake up smelling like vanilla”
“Ooo, we’re stretching are hugging muscles”
“I don’t know how to hug!” **insert man hug between Graham and Mi** “Get your hips into it!” “MIKE CLOSED HIS EYES!!!”
“There’s no tongues in hugging”
“The lights are too bright! HHHIIISSSSSSSS!”
Collin! Your beard? It’s back! Was that like two days?”
“I don’t want to sound racist, but I’m done with all the blacks”
“Yay a red!” “Hahaha, it’s an Ace” “Well, let’s make it a good one!”
“It’s hard to high five from behind”
“Are you going to puke already?!?”
“We are now, 27 cities strong…”


ROAR!!! Have a stupendous day!



And now a few words from across the pond:

Besides feeling borderline overwhelmed numerous times today at the impact of this morning, and what this community has created, here are my thoughts on what this is about:

It’s about busting barriers, overcoming obstacles and punching negative self-perceptions in the face. It’s about being fucking fierce. And acknowledging that your definition of fierce is as good as the next guy’s or gal’s no matter how fast you’re going. ALL that matters is how HARD you’re pushing. And EVERYONE can push to their limit, even if sometimes it takes us a little while to not be shy about it and to stare it honestly in the face. In other words, it’s about this post made by a first-timer today: “I am so glad that I came today and can’t wait until next week. I didn’t think I was ready… I didn’t think I was fit enough. Turns out I was wrong and none of that mattered. Thanks to every single person who gave me a push seemingly just when I needed it the most. Can’t wait until next week! HELL YEA!”

It’s about community. Like our new tribe member’s experience above, everyone today pushed harder because they were sweating next to some other badass in the dark. And that badass was wheezing encouragement in their ear. And throwing high fives to the tribe on the way back up the hill. And and and. It’s about what can be accomplished when you pull together. And while we’ve been doing that for three months (on the dot!) already, here’s gratitude to Casey (last tag fella, promise…maybe), Bojan and Brogan for pulling more folks together this morning and leading like fucking bosses on the encouragement train and setting the tone higher and louder for the future.

Last, it’s about slaying goals. And the first step in that process to have ’em. And share ’em. Four months ago, Shannon, Jason and I committed to making this happen. Three months ago we got started, figuring we’d be set to be proper members of the November Project family by November. Shan started hashtagging that shit #novemberbynovember like a badder, harder version of The Timberlake. And I admit I had moments of “Meh, don’t care, every week’s good, we’ll get there when we get there.” But fuck that – through your commitment and voice, spreading this Vic Sweat Project magic fairy dust all around, NP took notice, showed up and made it real. And when we saw that happening, we committed to getting 100 folks out to celebrate and…damn if we – as a community – didn’t make that happen also today. Bully.

Victoria, we are Canada’s fittest community. And you make me fucking proud to live and sweat beside you. Let’s own that shit. Walk it with swagger. Grow it. Tell your friends. Spread it around. And let’s go slay s’more goals along the way.

Thank you, friends. I’m out.

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  1. Big big love, Richard, and to the rest of our kickassbrother and sisters across the pond! We couldn’t be more grateful to you the past few months, and can’t wait to continue to share the fierceness across the Strait. 

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