Welcome to November Project

If you’re only reading the blog today to find out about the workout on Monday, let me get right to it.

monday destination deck for the ONCE EVERY 4 YEARS Leap Day is on Tremont & Clarendon Street.  Verbal and see map location right up in here.

  • Definitely #JustShowUp
  • Required attire is tutu or tiara.  Or both.  Get creative.
  • START TIME is 6:15 AM.  repeat after me: 6:15 (we will start without you if you’re late)

and now for the blog…

Welcome to November Project.  Today’s blog (which gets written every single Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and should be read accordingly) will cover all the basics of this free fitness community/movement y’all are a part of.

You might be wondering, why EmSauce?  Why the 101 on NP?  I know all there is to know!  But it seems that a refresher course is necessary because, well to be honest, we can do better than we’re doing right now and this tribe is all about pushing through cold, dark, low motivation, slugishness, and all the other shit that keeps us from being our best, fastest, fittest, and superstar selves.  So here are some truths we all need to remember.  Read the truths and see if you’re living the truth.  Sometimes the truth hurts.  Let it slap you in the fucking face and then get your shit together so we can really take over the world.

TRUTH #1: JustShowUP…on time.

November Project is for everyone.  Anyone.  The fast kids, the new runners.  The weirdos, the jocks, the drama freaks, the band geeks, the cool kids, the hipsters, the cross-training athletes, the Olympians, the wanna-bes, the has-beens, and all the human beings.  Everyone.  And we charge $0 for a lifetime membership.  Which is pretty cool, considering there’s nothing awesome that costs nothing these days.  We give you fierce fitness every single week.

For the small price of SHOWING UP, you’re in.

Workouts in Boston are at exactly 6:30AM on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, with a bonus formerly super-secret 5:30AM group on Wednesdays.  When you show up at 6:32AM, or for the imaginary 6:45 and 7:04AM group, you’re missing the bounce, the vibe, the hype, and the hugs.  Don’t pretend it doesn’t matter.  We notice.  And you deserve to get every minute of the Tribe.  Showing up is the hardest part, so set your damn alarm, tell your friends you’re coming, text them when you’re awake and get there on time.  Focus on that part.  Then you can ride the wave of positivity and badass fitness–just get your bad ass there.

TRUTH #2: We are Weatherproof…in all the weathers.

The legend goes like this: Since November of 2011, the NP tribe in Boston has never cancelled a workout due to weather.  Which means that in all those winters, including the “worst winter in the history of Boston” with the coldest temperatures and most snowfall ever, we have worked out together every single Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  We put on layers, we give the rain, snow, and frigid temperatures the mother f’ing middle finger, and we get our asses out there to run, climb stairs, shovel sidewalks, run hills, and burpee our way around the city.  We don’t quit, we don’t call “uncle,” we don’t say it’s too cold or it’s too gross to keep our bodies moving.  We keep moving because we love it.  And let this stand as a reminder that Weatherproof really means weatherproof.  We are stronger, faster, fitter, and wayyy tougher than the weather.  Let’s get back to showing not only sweet Mother Nature but all 29 other tribes that we started “weatherproof” and we will never forget what it means.

TRUTH #3: RecruitEveryone…really everyone.

When NP was brand new, the only way it went from 2 dudes to 2 dudes and a fast woman, to 12, to 30, to 300, to our epic day of over 3014 people at one NP workout day in 2014 was by everyone doing their part to talk it up.  Invite new friends and old friends, family members, and co-workers.  To recruit on the train and on the street.  To recruit every person you see not because you need them to join a cult, but because they have excuses that are holding them back from fitness and the solution is to stop making excuses and see Truth #1.  We had a party a couple months ago to make fancy recruiting papers, which we need to spread around the city and let everyone know that they can #JustShowUp too.  So today, you have homework: Part 1–Go look through some old NP photo albums on Facebook.  Find your friends tagged in those old pics and send them a little “I miss you” message.  Let them know you notice that they’re not there and find out which workout next week they’re showing back up to.  They’ll thank you for it.  Homework part 2–recruit someone to come to a workout.  No need to threaten them with a “we missed you post” though that can be good motivation sometimes.  But remind them how much they want fitness in their life and that this is the easiest, most badass, most fun, weirdest and almost culty way to get fitness around.  They won’t regret it.  Try it before you deny it.

TRUTH #4: RaceEverything…yup, everything

NP was started to kick the ass of everyone who showed up.  We don’t have to compete and race through every moment of every day, but since you’re showing up at too-early’o’clock in the morning, why not use those 60 minutes at every workout as a chance to get better?  Take advantage of the racers next to you and use them to get faster.  Race to stay ahead of the people behind you because they’re chasing you down.  KEEP MOVING.  Get hungry.  And tear it the fuck up every damn day.  You’ll be happy you did.  You’ll be better because you did.  And so will everyone around you–this is the magic of this whole NP thing.

TRUTH #5: The Tribe is Strong

This shit is good.  Even though it’s early in the morning and the workouts are hard, they’re also the most fun you’ve ever had that early in the morning.  And the people are ok.  No, they’re a little better than ok–they’re really fucking good.  The kind of human beings you’d populate your world with if you were the creator of a new planet, or you were stranded on a desert island and could pick only 12 people to join you.  You’d pick the people who motivate and inspire you week in and week out.  This tribe is even bigger than Boston too–you show up to any of the 30 tribes and you are home, you have family, and you know where you belong.  You will get hugs.  You will make friends.  You will get better at all the hard shit that kicks your ass on a weekly basis.  And you will realize that you are better for being a part of this tribe.  You are stronger as an athlete and as a human being.  This is changing you, and you want it to.  And together we’re changing the world.  #WorldTakeover is real.

Boom.  #WeekendEarned

See all you amazing fuckers on Monday.


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