Welcome home…ME! (YEG)

Holy smokes…4 weeks away from the tribe is a really, really long time! I missed you all a ton…the Royal Glenora stairs…not so much. My legs are still shaking an hour later…I’m going to blame it on jet lag…still trying to get over Monday’s 24 hours of travel and the 14 hour time difference between here and Singapore…ok, ok…excuses…excuses…but really…they are still shaking!

You guys looked so strong today! It was awesome to see all of your familiar faces (even some unfamiliar clean-shaven faces) along with so many new friendly faces!! I love how the tribe has grown over the last month…great job Nadim and Judy and everyone else for sharing our amazing community with so many people. Let’s keep that going!

Congratulations to Jaden, the positivity award recipient today. She’s just the best. If you haven’t had the chance to read her NP blog post check it out here. We are going to miss you when you head out to the coast for school. By the way, you know we’ll expect you to join us when you come home to visit right…we’ve already made the verbal for you!


Don’t forget about # Sunday. Nadim and I have our “They came in 2’s” outfits ready & they are pretty awesome! We’re challenging all of you to try and top what we have ready! We meet here this Sunday at 3pm.

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