Weekend Homework @Nov_Project

This weekend you all have homework. The assignment is simple. Between today and Monday afternoon you will be in charge of posting your own photo wearing #GrassrootsGear somewhere around town. These photos should be individuals. This means no group photos and no giant swarms of people sharing the photo frame. Now here’s the creative part…

You must be doing something either very seriously or something that is hysterically funny. There is no middle ground. Again, super funny or super serious. In the photo below, Mama Mieke fixing her hair in front of Towne – serious.

Post your photos to us through the November Project Facebook page or through the November Project Twitter handle (@Nov_Project) using hashtag #WeekendHomework. If you are in San Fran, Madison, Zimbabwe, or Antarctic, and have a piece of #GrassrootsGear, you are eligible.

The most outstanding photo or photos will win a free pair of shoes from our friends at New Balance running. Competition ends on Monday September 2nd, at 8pm EST when the panel of judges that includes NP leaders, celebrities, a dog, and a live baby, AND A LAMP, will declare a winner!

This is just another thing that will keep us from becoming a running group, Boot Camp, or something people can easily understand. Have a great weekend and enjoy your homework assignment.

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