Weekend Earned: defined

We say it so often on Fridays.  After the workout, we throw out that supercool phrase #weekendearned.  But what does it really mean?

Generally, it’s as simple as this: You’ve paid so many dues throughout the week, you have earned, and deserve the weekend.

For the normal population, it might only mean that work was hard.  You put in a lot of hours.  That project that’s been taking your forever just won’t end.  The people you work with are ridiculous and you can hardly get through the days without yelling, “you’re fired!” even though you have no authority to do so.  (or you do, and you’ve fired everyone around you this week.)  Or you fucking crushed the week and got shit done and were productive as hell, and maybe other people even noticed and you got some props for your rockstar-ness.  But it was a whole week and you were in it–and now it’s gonna be the weekend so you earned your time off.  You earned the right to sleep in, to have a drink (or 3), to go out dancing, or to stay in your pajamas all weekend.  You earned some time and activities that feel gooooood to you.

In November Project land, #WeekendEarned means all that AND a little more.  It means you showed the fuck up.  You put in the hours with work, or family, or other responsibilities this week, and you also managed to show up for workouts with this Tribe.  Maybe you crushed it with all three we have in Boston, or you hit one or two, but you know that this week you put some time and effort into your own fitness.  You overcame the cold, the dark, the tired, the fatigue, the time management issues, and lack of inspiration, and you ran, climbed stairs, or burpeed with November Project.  You hugged, laughed, possibly vomited, sweated, and swore with November Project.  You probably made new friends, you maybe fell in love.  You probably challenged yourself, you didn’t die doing it.  You did more than you “had to” and you got something back from it.  Fitness? Fuck yeah.  A sense of accomplishment? Fuck yeah!  A new PR from PR Hills this morning? Fuck I hope so!  And if you were there on that Summit Ave. hill this morning, whether you earned a PR or not, if you just ran your heart out and #RacedEverything, you sure as shit earned your weekend.

Track your times from Summit PR Hills this morning.  Congratulations to all the new #PRHat owners.  Silver PR tags are the newest thing on the street.  If you see someone with that sexy silver dot on their #NPSUMMIT AVE hat, give them a hug and a big “Fuck Yeah!”

So I declare on this wintry Friday morning, #WeekendEarned.  Go live it to the fullest.  And rest up for next week–because you’re gonna have to show up and work your ass off to earn next weekend too.

MONDAY DESTINATION DECK will be near Roxbury Crossing, so you can start early and start hard as you bang out a killer week and earn your weekend again.  Monday’s exact location is HERE in the tracker, where you should also verbal like it’s your job.  And verbal like it’s your joy.  And verbal like it’s the only thing to do. Because it is.

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