Weekday Warriors USA.


My phone is ringing with calls and texts from the West Coast – odd. Our NP SF leader, Laura McCloskey, has been chalk-bombing the streets of San Fran with “November Project” and “FREE, grassroots, RacingFit, 6:30AM” with her young, but clearly committed band of foot soldiers. Runners and friends I haven’t talked with in months, or even years, are seeing SF’s chalk work and are taking notice… and letting me know that the November Project is in full force in the West.


Working our way back to America’s Dairyland we see the kind racers of Madison, Wisconsin also getting their butts on the map. They’ve broken their record of attendance each week and are now up in the mid 50’s for a single workout. A giant, “Hip, Heeeeyoo, Hep, Chep, Hip” (Did I do that right BVS?) to Dan Graham for keeping things in motion with both the Wednesday and Friday workouts. And lets not forget an even larger “Hip, Hep, Horay!” for our lovely mother for shooting such amazing photos at Friday’s workout.


Which leads us back to the mothership here in Boston. We had some rain today at the hill workout that we called “No One Runs Alone.” This is exactly what you’d think it is. Fast or slow, you had to be along side at least one human for our “Full-Frontal-Five (Hill Repeats)” on Summit Ave. Today’s #PositivityAward went to a guy named Ron. He may be having more fun at NP than anyone else in the group. He didn’t stick around for the award but won it anyway, presentation and all. Congrats Ron (there is a 0% chance he’s reading this post).

HOMEWORK: Most of you know what it is. If you don’t know, now you know. You don’t even have to be in one of our three cities to do this assignment. You must do this assignment. You are allowed to do more than one assignment. Go have fun with that is due at 6:30AM on Monday. Feel free to make this kind of thing a standard in your weekly warrior lifestyle.

SF, MSN, & BOS UNITE: The run to beers summer social know as #BetterThanBedtime2 will be in the afternoon of Sunday, August 4th. This event will take place in all three cities at the exact same moment. Plan to clear your afternoon, your evening, and maybe even take Monday as a “sick day.” #BetterThanBedtime2 is coming soon.

MONDAY’S LOCATION (BOSTON): “SquashBusters” at 795 Columbus Ave. Go to the field. We’ll meet on the baseball dirt at 6:28AM.

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