Wednesdays are awesome

by Laura McCloskey

Beats were BUMPIN’ this morning. The tribe was so amped about the workout; they didn’t want to rest so kept chatting while air squatting. This went on for an uncomfortably long period of time. I am actually still air squatting while typing this. We celebrated the birth of our girl Jessica Huffman. OUR NEWBIES CAME BACK.

by Bojan the Serbian

Why do we do 40 sections? Because we race 37 and doing more before the race day will make your racing distance seem “easy”. Why do we throw in the spice of #firedrill? Because we don’t want to you to focus on your time keeping devices too much. We want you to focus on your form and strategy of attacking steps to minimize the down time. We want you to practice things that you can’t practice when you race against the clock. So when BG and I whip out those cowbells and start yelling like someone is pulling the skin of our backs we don’t do it because we think that throwing in 50-60 pushups will make you faster at running stairs, we do it so the time you spend doing pushups is not being spend obsessing over your projected final time. However, next Wednesday when we race for our personal record a.k.a. PR over the course of 37 sections, the only thing you will be thinking about is how to beat your previous best time. It’ going to be awesome!

Today is Sara Wild’s birthday!

Our newest member is 81 years young.

On Friday we will be quiet and polite to our Summit ave neighbors while doing our #4Full workout. Remember to observe the Chris Marshall rule which states no vehicle should be obstructing our running path when on Summit ave. Keep in mind that when doing #4Full we will be on the Brighton side too so plan accordingly. If you don’t follow Chris Marshall rule BG and Bojan will gladly t-bag your windshield. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

WISCONSIN NOTES: coming soon…

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  1. I’ve watched the video a few times now. I love it. Sara Wild will never be able to blame NP on her bday starting off on the wrong foot. Nice work tribe. – BG

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