Wednesday Love (Boston 2.13.19)

When my alarm goes off on Wednesday mornings in the early 4 o’clock hour, I don’t love it.

But the getting up, the getting ready with layers and layers of gear that helps make me weatherproof, the getting myself to the stadium, is an act of love.

Showing up with my full tank of enthusiasm, the “call” of the call-and-response of the bounce, the shout outs to the 5:30 group or 6:30 group to “make some noise…” and the satisfaction of scraping and shoveling the stairs to be sure everyone can get up and down (mostly) safely, is an act of love.

The hugs, high fives, the deeply genuine “I’m glad you’re here,” and the “have a great day” are all acts of love.

Because I love this tribe.

I love Wednesday mornings, no matter what the weather is. I love the community that grows out of random individuals who choose to show up on their own or who respond to the invitation from someone they know. I love the shitty weather and the sloppy conditions. I love shoveling stairs just so we can run them. I love never questioning whether it’s worth going. I love the overcoming of all the obstacles to still arrive together to move our bodies just for the sake of fitness…and all the other things we experience.

I love breaking a sweat during the middle of winter. I love being outside, guaranteed, for these workouts, all year long. I love how during these coldest months, we learn to recognize people by their hats and the buffs that cover their faces, rather than their actual faces. I love how dedicated people become to showing up, and how we can feel that they’re showing up equally just because the tribe will be there too, as they are for themselves or their fitness. I love the simplicity of the exchanges that happen between people–hugs, high fives, “fuck yeahs,” “you got it,” “thank yous,” “good jobs,” and especially in the briefest of eye contact and mumbled grunts of something encouraging as we pass going up/down the stairs or hills and through circuits of fitness. I love how people arrive, show up, are seen, and see others.

I love what happens here.

For me, being a part of this tribe is an act of love. It’s kindness and love shown to myself because I get so much from showing up. It’s love offered to others because somehow, despite the early wake ups and dark/cold mornings, I seem to show up as my best self to those workouts–and I think I’m not the only one for whom that happens. I have more smiles, positivity, kindness, love, and good me-ness to share with others when I’m here. And all that lovey-love, in its plethora of versions, absolutely, definitely, without-a-doubt, also then lands on the world and makes it a better place.

November Project isn’t about falling in love or any of the Valentine’s Day kind of schmoopy love that gets marketed to make us buy shit. November Project is the least expensive, most rewarding, easiest-to-take-part-in act of love that I know. You just show up, and you will proooobably, most likely (for sure) find yourself loving it.

We hope you felt the Wednesday love today–and keep sharing it out everywhere you go today. Everyone’s toes will be wet and a little cold, but you’re still smiling from this morning. Keep changing the world.

More stuff to love:

2 more SATURDAY WORKOUTS:  10am at the Hatch Memorial Shell on the esplanade, get more fitness fun for free each Saturday of February. Capoze and I (EmSauce) are leading Frost Fit workouts with the Esplanade Association, and we want you to come. You and everyone you know.

PRESIDENT’S #SUNRISE6KAYDAY: Monday Feb 18th at 5:30 & 6:30am. Meet at Weeks Footbridge. We are RACING 6k on foot. Everyone is welcome and it will be fun, and free–no matter what! Fresh #Sunrise6k tags! Place finisher prizes! A Race-MVP will be announced. AND BUFFS WILL BE DISTRIBUTED AFTER THE RACE!


Yup. Buffs are in and will be distributed first and foremost to those who show up on Monday to race the #Sunrise6k. #JustShowUp

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