Wedding Bells Are Ringing (SF)

I remember the first time I met Katy Kunkle. She was wearing an Ironman long sleeve shirt, black shorts, and effortlessly running around Alamo Square with her trademark braid swaying from side to side and I thought to myself (as I often do), “she’s really pretty, if I were gay I would want to date her.”

But much to my dismay, and my boyfriend’s delight (I think Connor fears one day I may leave him for a female -don’t worry hot stuff, I just appreciate good looking people), Katy was not only taken, but she was engaged to be married. To a man, nonetheless. So I carried on looking for my next imaginary girl crush-which I will expand upon if Danielle Boule ever returns to NP.


Today, Katy was finally able to walk down the aisle with her fathers Kenny Wong and Gil on either side of her, supporting her just like they have for her entire life. Katy wore exactly what she always dreamed of wearing, a sweaty neon outfit donned with NP stenciling, and a veil attached to a white valor top hat. The ceremony took place at her favorite set of stairs in SF, Alta Plaza Park, and Paddy O’Leary led the ceremony in a series of incomprehensive rambles that ended in a jubilant CHEERS as he held up a full Guinness that seemed to appear out of thin air. It was the perfect wedding day.

Except for one thing.

There was no groom. So, uh, maybe you better go get him, Katy, and get your ass up to Oregon where all of your family is waiting.

Friday: K-Day as arrived. The Sunrise 6K is going down at 6:15 AM at AT&T Park. Don’t miss it.


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