Weatherproof (YWG)

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Another Wednesday morning, another 10 minutes less light we get at the workout.  I don’t think i’ve ever fully appreciated how quickly the seasons change than getting to watch the sun slowly fade into oblivion through the month of September.  Its neat to watch, but with the change of season brings the inevitable – #winteriscoming.


Tom and I were both incredibly fortunate to participate in the #NPSUMMIT this past week in Park City (it was a wild ride) and I was struck by how many people – tribe leaders and member alike – commented on how crazy it is that we actually get people to show up on Wednesdays in -40 degrees. They are, of course, correct – we are bat-shit crazy.  But in reflecting upon how we were able to keep going through last winter (and will continue through this one) I think it comes down to the fact that while every year we rattle off the same mantras complaining about the cold weather, in Winnipeg we actually take a lot of pride in it – we not only survive, but we thrive in this shit.  We are a cold blooded people and I say that with the most love and respect i can muster – winter is our shit and we are here to stay. Frosted beards?  That shit is sexy – ask any Winnipegger.  Toes and fingers so frozen you can’t feel them any more?  That shit feels wonderful when you get in to a warm, hot shower.

The point is, I am so proud of our tribe, our city for earning the prestigious November Project #Weatherproof Award.  For those of you that crushed it with us last winter, you know what its about and I know you’re pumped to display your badass Winnipeg-ness again this year.  For those tribe members who have jumped on board since the cold weather snapped – strap on your Sorels and tie up your grandma-knitted scarves because this shit only gets better in the cold.


We are super pumped to share the award with the good folks of November Project Pheonix.  Those cats were dealing with +45 Degree C temps and killing it in the desert all summer.  Now that, my friends, is fucking crazy.

Sami Squire – fuck ya girl.  You may not have been a tribe member for long but you’ve already impacted all of us with your infectious attitude, your giant smile, and your all around bad ass attitude towards life.  You recruit like an absolute champion and your words are the epitome of inspiring.  Keep up the good work and thanks a million for passing out even more #FreeFitness to the tribe!


Much love,

Rick & Tom

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