#weatherproof (YEG)

So we’ve decided that we are the only tribe allowed to use #weatherproof in early September! While it wasn’t quite badge-earning temperatures (those will come) we did wake up to snow this morning!

badge car

But, it didn’t stop us…no, never! Partnering up, the tribe alternated between figure 8 laps and a series of exercises. Thanks to Nadim, the tribe’s drill sergeant this morning. He worked us through lunge lines, squat lines, jumping jacks, bear crawls, push-ups, eye-stair partner squats, sit-ups and many other exercises while we waited for our partners to return from their slippery lap sprint.

Kudos to those tribies who wore shorts this morning, those who cycled to the workout & all of you who got out of bed and proved that we #JustShowUp. You all continue to be an example of what it means to be #weatherproof! BOOM!


See everyone Wednesday morning at Commonwealth Stadium! 5:57AM Gate 2 Parking Lot B


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