#Weatherproof Accomplished (PHL)

Sure we’ve had colder mornings, more snow, more wind, etc…but this morning was a special kind of ugly.  The large, wet flakes that make running, biking, or really any other outdoor activity…well just…annoying.  Enough accumulation to make the ground slick but not significant enough to justify a late arrival to the office.  This was the kind of morning we were dealing with…

The kind of morning that could keep the less ambitious in bed for an extra hour of shuteye.  And if you stayed in bed I almost can’t even blame you. ALMOST.  This morning was cold, sure.  This morning was wet, yep.  But this morning was also the reason why work weeks fly by and why Wednesday has become my favorite day of the week.  Bounce. Hugs. Workout. Photo. BOOM.

See you Friday at LEMON HILL!

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