We Will Always Show Up

Sometimes we feel like running.  Sometimes we don’t.  This was the biggest reason a group like November Project started.  It was a project—an experiment.  To see what happened when two dudes committed to working out for the whole month (of November), if it got any easier, or more fun, and to see if they got fitter.  Clearly the results were positive, because we’re still showing up years later, never missing a workout for silly things like weather.  We’ve figured out that it’s just easier to run when other people show up too.  It’s easier to run hard and challenge ourselves when there are other people faster than us to chase, and it’s actually pretty easy to become a motivator—one of the inspiring ones—for other people when we’re cranking out the workout to the best of our abilities.

What doesn’t work so well is when we think we have to prove something IN ORDER to show up.  If we think we have to be fit and fast first, then most of us will be stuck at home.  The answer is to #JustShowUp SO THAT we can get fitter and faster.  That’s the whole point of having a tribe—on the days you think you don’t want to run, or you’re going to be slow, or not live up to some expectation you have for yourself—those are the days it’s most important to show up.  When you’re courageous enough to be YOU and let the tribe support you, then you actually get stronger as a whole person (body, mind, spirit), not just in your body from the workout.

We get tired, we get injured.  We get busy and overwhelmed sometimes too.  We get more fit and less fit—it’s all a part of life.  But we get to keep coming back to NP because it’s probably the safest and most welcoming community ever. And here we get less tired (in life) and more fit (truth.)

Lots of tribe members are in the middle of changes right now—going different places for the summer, schedules are all over the place and it’s easy to get out of our normal routines.  Whether you take NP with you in your heart, if you start your own little summer tribe of free fitness, if you end up taking a break from working out all together, just remember that we will keep showing up.  Always.  And every member of the tribe gets treated the same.  We show up.  We bounce.  We hug.  We run, climb stairs, burpee, etc. We hug more.  We do it again. And we keep coming back home.

Today we ran “The Other Side” workout, which was front side hills with cross country spice on the “Other Side” (the park on the other side from where we usually meet, run, photo).  We followed the American Flags, ran through the tires, up the hill and jumped over the wall, and back out of the park and down the hill.  Fast, hard, and super fucking fun.  Track your speed, reps, and hard work on the tracker.

Monday Destination Deck

On the tracker you will also verbal for Monday.  It’s a national holiday so only like 2 people ever have a “I have to work” excuse for Monday.  Everybody who’s anybody should show up and be prepared for fierceness, fun, friendship, badassery, and very likely an opportunity to dip your bodies in the ocean after the workout.  Y’all know Castle Island in South Boston DO NOT MISS THIS.



p.s. We love love.  Congrats to our newly engaged NP lovers.

p.p.s. We love positivity.  Congrats to our Positivity Award winner today.

p.p.p.s. We love birthdays.  Happy birthday to our birthday girl.


erica PA

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  1. Thanks for the support for showing up at whatever state I’m in right now.  Working on that in my fitness and my life, also working on acknowledging that out loud instead of pretending I’m not there!  NP rocks!

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