We went back to THE ROOTS, now where’s Jimmy Fallon? (BAL)

(all credit goes to co-leader Pat, aka Patches, O’Neil)

For those of you who are real movie buffs, you will fondly remember the woman assassin at the beginning of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me who simply refuses to succumb to multiple attempts to end her life, prompting Austin Powers to yell at her, “WHY WON’T YOU DIE?!” As a co-leader of NP Baltimore, I find myself in a similar predicament with Mother Nature, substituting Austin Powers’s phrase with “WHY WON’T YOU ALLOW WARM WEATHER ON WEDNESDAYS?!”

However, this tribe is STRONG (which we all reminded ourselves this morning thanks to Nick’s new chant) and refused to let a little wind and biting cold prevent them from getting their sweat on at Fed Hill. While the rest of the Northern Hemisphere accepted that spring had sprung last Thursday, we decided to give winter one last chance to shut us down and promptly told it to GTFO.

Today’s workout, with our monthly #grassrootsgear tagging in mind, brought us back to our roots, way back when “Morning Mayhem” sounded cool and when Nick did a little jig when someone other than his girlfriend showed up to the workout. That’s right, the wonderfully awkward Federal Hill stairs made their return from temporary retirement (must be hanging out with Michael Jordan and Brett Favre too much) to serve as the focal point of our workout. Each tribe member partnered up with another tribe member for some good ol’-fashioned circuit fun.  Pushups, Mtn Climbers, squats and scissor squats all made an appearance.  Polish it off with ten hoisties (complete with uncomfortably long eye contact, unless that was just me and Nick) followed by one cannon run. This entire circuit was repeated until a) Sleepy Nick fell asleep mid-hoistie or b) the time ran out. Thankfully, it was the latter..

Thanks to the newbies who braved the remnants of winter to join the workout; we hope to see you again real soon. The wicked, whipping wind messed with our ability to tag everyone’s gear, but we will have that back to y’all very soon so you can represent our tribe with pride. Stay tuned for some BIG announcements soon – #NP_BAL has some glorious events headed your way.

We would also like to say Happy Birthday to Leonard Nimoy (aka, Spock). We honored him with our group photo this morning. May we all live long and prosper.

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