We Run Runyon!


Burpee Headquarters: home to some of the finest human beings Los Angeles has to offer. Seasoned veterans. New recruits. Mid workout recruits! An elderly man grinning like a kid in a candy store through the victory tunnel. Synchronized tribe members seamlessly shifting, shoulder to shoulder, just to get in the proper lighting for that perfect group photo. Bystanders teetering between “should I join in”, “no that’s crazy”, “..but it does look fun…”.


You should join in! All of you! Because #np_lax isn’t selfish. We don’t want NP all to ourselves. This movement is for EVERYONE. Everyone, that is, who is willing to pass through the Burpee HQ Toll Troll, aka Orca Whaleface, aka Ornamental Wallet, aka Olaf Vincklefeet, aka Orrin Whalen, co-troll of #np_lax!

“In order to enter this great canyon, all comers must preform 10 burpees! Otherwise, none shall pass!” Who knew there was a Burpee toll to get into Runyon Canyon? Certainly not any of the future LAX tribe members who were fortunate enough to visit the park this particular Friday morning. Surprise! Bottom line, if you plan on showing up, know that Orrin is going to make you do burpees. But we all made it through, with the fiercest of burpees, because we so badly wanted to take on those hills! 3 hills and 40 minutes of repeats later, the troll is satisfied, having had his fill of burpees, at least for today.


You’ve payed your troll toll. You’ve earned your reward. Community and free fitness for all!! Now go enjoy your weekend and spread some positivity!

And don’t forget

#InappropriatelyFast #NP_HOMEWORK
Get creative, get your #grassrootsgear, and get really fast. Post up your photos #InstaGram

Log those charity miles. Impact the world!



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