we MMMissed you… (DCA)


Well well well, Marge. It’s come to this. You thought you could slip a casual verbal to the group text and we’d forget about it when we didn’t see you and your Boosts this morning?!image

We know what you’ll say–girls, please, you’re making me self-conscious (h/t Andy Johnson). But this has to be done.

We understand that getting up for NP and making that ~2 mile downhill commute is hard. Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep?

unnamed     image (1)

Nah, that can’t be it.

Maybe you were too full of DiGiorno?

unnamed (5)


But no matter the reason, even your hardcore Alaska upbringing…

unnamed (4)

…your lifetime of athletic training…

unnamed (3)

…and owning all the Lulu down pullovers in the world…

unnamed (2)

…couldn’t get you to #justshowup on a balmy 38 degree morning, ya fack.

Coming off a strong showing in San Francisco, coupled with your impeccable record of doing the 530, we had high expectations of seeing you glowering at the back of the 630 bounce.

Just know that you missed out on THIS MUCH FUN running the steps of Lincoln today.

unnamed (1)

MEGAANNUH! We’re not mad, just disappointed. We missed you.

…P.S. Don’t think we forgot about you, Molly. Guess SF really was Mary’s Last Car(r)ol(l). All we can say is, LOCK IT UP, MOLLS.

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