We Missed You Tyler (VB)

Let me start off by saying that this #WeMissedYou page might need a judge and a jury to fully convict Tyler of breaking a #Verbal commitment to the tribe. I’ll lay out the facts. You decide.

Fact #1: Wednesday, August 17th, 2016. #NP_VB drops the tribes new favorite workout (Harvard Stadium).

  • Tyler EARNS the #PostitivityAward for being awesome and CORE Tribe Member who you can always count on to give it his all even to the last minute of each workout.
  • When asked to share a few words (SPEEECH!), Tyler said to just keep showing up.
  • He said how awesome the workouts are with more people and how cool it is to meet new people in your community every week.


Fact #2: Thursday, August 18th, 2016 We announce Via

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram, &
  • Twitter that we will be hosting a Pop-Up workout on Friday. 615AM. Mount Trashmore.


Derrick comments “I’ll be there!

Tyler has to one up him and decides to comment with “I’ll be there for sure!!”

Fact #3: We showed up Friday. Tyler did not. #WeMissedYou Tyler.

I rest my case.

Now the whereabouts of Tyler on the morning of Friday, August 19, 2016,  from 615-7AM are still unknown. We have a few possible leads of what he might have been doing:

  • Sleeping
  • Exploring the 757 with the #PositivityAward riding shotgun on his JetSki
  • Maybe he went down to the oceanfront to practice more Wet & Sandy Workouts
  • 13914018_635064690001587_4541612667788252968_o
  • Maybe he was ordering a code red
  • Maybe we can’t handle the truth

Tyler, wherever you are. Please come back. We miss you. See you on Wednesday at 615AM!!!


We’ll be there for sure!!

Love Red


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