We Missed You, Tom.

So something happened today that I never thought I’d see… I was shocked. I’m not talking about our sexual-innuendo-filled-workout-title involving two front hills and one back-hill. You told me you’d be at a workout. You even told me you were going to bike the 5-ish miles to the hills and crush a workout–Then you didn’t show up.

I figured I would see you roll in right before the bounce, ditch your bike shoes, step right in line with Seth or someone else around your speed, and proceed to crush it.


No bike.
No Tom.
No hills being crushed by the Super Minnesota Bros this morning.


Now, I feel bad calling you out for a broken verbal because you’ve been busting your butt. You’ve been working constantly, taking classes, and crushing life. Which kind of explains why I live with you and we somehow still never see each other.

You also ran one hell of a race last weekend. You and Evan put up a really good fight rocking your pink running gear as team Unicorns and Daisies took to Bear Mtn. I also truly believe no one could put together the race you ran. No one else could pull your effort or your time in that race after donating a pint of blood. While I viewed this as pretty much insane, you did it, and for that I applaud you. It killed me to run past you and not be able to help other than scream my face off and hope to motivate you. I look forward to Summit where Unicorns and Daises look to avenge their last race as well… But back to the other part where a #verbal was broken.


You messed up bro. I got up at 5 to get my life together for some hills. As I moved around the apartment I could hear you waking up as well. Fairly sure you walked across the apartment at one point. Figured you were going to jump in my car and then head to work.


You went back to bed. It’s okay. You need the rest. Or maybe the late night shot of tequila got the best of you. Maybe it was more than a shot. Maybe you went full Cinco de Mayo last night. Who knows, I certainly couldn’t ask you at the workout today.

To my surprise, I stumbled into Kate Coker in the middle of the workout as she was running loops and asked her if she had saw you. She said no and then added this little quote, “I ran a 5k last night and I’m pretty sore because I’m not a runner, and if I showed up and Tom slept in well then I am going to go to your place after the workout and kill him.”


So in full recap Wisconsin notes style-

1. Ya done messed up Bro

2. You are the only guy I know who has donated blood, then ran on a two-man marathon relay,

and somehow ended up on the podium head held high with a new belt buckle.

3. Summit is coming. Be ready.

4. Watch your back, if a bed can take you down, an angry Kate can surely murder you in your sleep.

5. Please don’t kill me in my sleep after reading this.

6. #WeMissedYou and I hope to see you again soon.

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