We Missed You Today MyLe Le!

Hey there MyLe Le,

Looks like you had a great time out at the lake. Where was our invite? We know you’re not there anymore. Was your life jacket so cozy that you decided not to wake up this morning? I’m also a little bit worried that you’re still wearing your life jacket. Why is that?


While we are at it, swings are fun. That feeling when the wind is blowing in your hair, and your legs pumping so you can go higher?


Did you know that you can have that same feeling at the Royal Glenora Stairs? Your legs will be pumping, your hair will blow in the wind, and all your closest friends will be there to give you a hug, including your bestest friend, Aidan, who was looking for you this morning. After you told him and your other friends at work that you would show up at the stairs, we expected you to be there. As you know, we take our verbals seriously. He seemed distressed that you decided to stay in bed in your life jacket. He wanted to make sure you got this message:

You have been so committed and positive about your new found love for working out and the November Project. Your commitment inspires us, but for some reason we couldn’t find you in the crowd this morning. We missed the energy you bring and exchanging pouty faces with you on the stairs this morning MyLe Le!

We missed you this morning, MyLe Le!

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