We Missed You today Judy

Hey Judy,


I spent all morning wondering where you were this morning. When I last saw you Wednesday evening and said “See you at the hill” and you responded “Ya, See ya!” you gave me your commitment to show up. A few weeks back, I reassured my fellow co-leaders, Jen and Jen’s brother, that I would be ok on my own for the month and that I had recruited one of the fastest, strongest, most badass chicks in town. Apparently, when some people end up on national television, the fame gets to their heads, and they can’t think straight anymore. Unfortunately, today, you were none of those.

As I inhaled more and more paint fumes this morning, I could only think of one legitimate reason for you breaking your verbal. You were taking care of your guns.




No, not THOSE guns… THESE GUNS!




We missed you this morning, Judy!





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