We Missed You Today, Danger (IND).

Have you seen this Man(bun)?


Reward of a Sebastian if found, unharmed.

As 5:28am ticked onward toward 5:30am, the tribe looked northwest searching for Danger. To our dismay, a blue bicycle with Las Vegas dice did not crest the horizon and screech to a halt before us. The realization hit me. Danger broke his verbal. No response to texts. Is Danger okay? His name is Danger, after all.

While you were probably dreaming about your next tattoo, working on your handstand push-ups or pistol squats, or perhaps having an early morning coffee date with American Dan, this is what you missed today:

  • “Is his name really Danger?” Yes, yes it is. Pregnant pause. Confused face. I had to explain to the newbies and second timers why your name is Danger. And, then they realized they were stuck with me, Safety. How boring.
  • I messed up all the names, of all the people. Mainly the newbies, second timers and fourth timers. I motion for name tags until you return.
  • I f*cked up the Race Day timer and took sh*tty pics of the finish; see I really cannot do two things at once.
  • Most importantly, Ed had to step up and do your double for Frank. But without your soothing tones of encouragement, he headed out for an Up & Over and was last seen on Monument Circle talking to a statue. WTF?
  • AND—I damn near forgot to give out the Positivity Award.

Sh*t hits the fan without you. You’re our rock, Danger. And we missed you today.

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