We Missed You Today Bananaman and Jenna!

Today, after the workout, I went to pack up my things, and when I looked up, I saw two unconsolable figure skaters, Dayle and Byrt who would not let me leave until it was clear that Jenna had broken a verbal. Then, before I made it home, I had some messages from a lonely carpooler, Trudy, who wanted to make sure we knew that you broke your verbal. Trust me, we knew when there were no bananas in our group picture.


Being single can be lonely at times, but there are few things more lonely than waiting on a quiet street corner for your friend to show up…and he doesn’t.

Sitting, staring at the clock, watching as 5:45 turned into 5:46, 5:47…and finally at 5:50, I knew I had to leave. I stared at your front door in the rear view mirror as I drove away, hoping I would see you emerge wearing what I imagined would probably be some kind of sexy cheerleader outfit. That’s what you would wear when you promised pomp poms, right? My hopes and dreams were dashed.


As I ran hills this morning, I kept thinking I would see you coming in late. I asked Kerry if she had heard from you. She hadn’t.

Yeah. What the heck, Lorin? You’re supposed to be reliable. Leader of the #slowriders. Mr. “If you can’t run, you can still ride your bike: it’s Trudy’s law”. You could have done the injury set Cathleen planned, with Cathleen, Jen and I. You could have brought those pompoms. You kind of let us down today.

(You’ll bring pompoms Monday, right? And the cheer outfit Trudy’s hoping for?)

And since Lorin loves to send us funny YouTube video songs…I thought this was appropriate to throw in there ….







We missed YOU, Jenna MacKenzie.
It pains us to write about our dear friend Jenna, but there comes a day when we just miss her too much not to write about her broken verbals. You know, maybe we can give some leeway on one broken verbal, but, Jenna, this was number two in the last month! That’s two too many!
This morning Dayle, Byrt and the rest of the tribe were pumped to see your lovely face at the bottom of Emily Murphy hill. We waited and waited and kept looking back to see where you were, but excitement turned to sadness instantly, almost to the point of tears, when you weren’t standing next to us by the time we all FUCK YEAH’d this beautiful morning.

Last time we gave you the benefit of the doubt. (Even though you offered to pick  me up and backed out last minute) We know you can’t come out as often as you used to. We know you are busy saving children’s lives, but this time you went too far. That wonderful text you sent us yesterday just made getting up this morning that much easier knowing our dear friend would be running alongside us. Jenna, you missed out on a morning that will never be forgotten, but you’ll never quite know exactly what you missed.

Jenna you did not have #hillsforbreakfast. Jenna you did not earn your weekend.

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