We Missed You Tim! (CHI)

We’ve been lucky enough (or perhaps new enough?) in Chicago to not have any broken verbals yet. That streak sadly ends today.

 Way back in the snowy days of March, when NP Chi was merely but a wee pledge, Tim came prepared to run with plaid shorts, a Cookie Monster hat, and lots of energy. And we haven’t seen him since. It’s too hard to get out of bed, too early, it’s raining out, blah blah blah excuse-cakes. Which is why we were SO excited that Tim threw down a #verbal for yesterday morningnot just to one member, but two!
Tim had such confidence in his attendance that he verballed last week. Was so long ago that you forgot your commitment? Or did you eat too many Smashburgers yesterday? Or perhaps you lacked clean short-shorts to wear? Because of your glaring absence we’re no longer throwing a “We Missed You” no hitter, and you’ve earned yourself a spot on the wall of shame. We missed you Tim!
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