We Missed you This Morning, Wemons!

Yesterday, I was practicing my mall rat impression at this 3 letter mall near where I grew up, and managed to get verbals from two people, Zoe and Raquel! These were the last two people I interacted with last nite, and I was so excited that they were going to come to the stadium. I even wanted to show off my new outfit for them to see what they thought about it (second, third, and seventeenth opinions matter).

As the last of the group started off on their stair run, I felt this sour taste in my mouth. Kind of like the sour taste you get when you bite into an orange and then realize it was actually a lemon. As the final group started I realized that the last two people I spoke to the night before, were not there! Now, they’re probably going to make up a some sort of excuse like they were at a work meeting, but.. they said they were coming! That’s a verbal, and we take our verbals seriously.

After some frantic texting and driving (not at the same time – #safetythird) around the city this morning, I’m proud to say that they are both doing fine. It turns out, their alarm did not get Loud this morning to wake them up. They were pretty Quiet. To prevent this from happening in the future, here are 4 Pillars of advice for Zoe and Raquel:

1. Just Show Up – Don’t overthink it. There’s no text book or learning that you need to do before November Project. All that matters is that you give it a Mindful Performance when you’re there!


2. Believe in yourself – Everyone has their own talents. Use those talents everyday. Spend half of your time trying new things (such as new wardrobes). Take all that creativity inside you and immerse yourself into a culture of innovation because your biggest contribution has yet to come.


3. The Tribe is Strong – We talk about #worldtakeover all the time. We can’t do it without evey single person in our Collective. So if you’re sleeping, we can’t reach 1 billion people. The tribe is stronger when you’re here.


4. Smile/Find the Good – Jen says “Smile” all the time, and I say to “Find the Good”. What we really mean, is that it is up to you to Choose Happiness, in whatever form that is. If it’s hanging out with a giant piece of wax, then that’s cool too. After all, we are a judgement free zone.


I hope you take these pieces of advice to heart so this never happens again. Whatever you two were up to, your smiles were notably absent. We missed you, Zoe and Raquel!


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2 Replies to “We Missed you This Morning, Wemons!”

  1. Fair call out! I don’t think I’ll be missing another November project again after this haha. 

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