We Missed You This Morning, Tommy

Today’s blast comes to us from Seth, who got called out for being the guy that drives the car all by himself to the workout.

Dear Tommy,

We missed you this morning! It was a beautiful day to eat stadium seats for breakfast. BG even brought his cow bell. So much great cow bell even Christopher Walken would’ve been smiling. But where were you Buddy?

I suspected something may be up yesterday when I inquired as to how f’ing excited you were for some action at Harvard Stadium. “What?,” you replied as you awkwardly looked at your watch. “Is tomorrow Wednesday already?” I gave you the benefit of the doubt when you recovered well – and said you couldn’t wait. Especially since it was just one week before you were so excited about your NP recruiting efforts.

Well…you weren’t there. And I missed you. We missed you!!! I’m sorry (no I’m not) that I accosted you at the office this morning and stole your guilty look on my phone so I could offer you up to the community that loves you! WE MISSED YOU!!! Don’t let it happen again!

But just to let you know I don’t think I’m perfect – I admitted to the group this morning that I drive to the stadium and today had no passengers carpooling 🙁

From now on I will be running to NP and back. Together we’re better and stronger Buddy! See you next Wed…or things will start to get real uncomfortable at the office…


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