We missed you this morning, Tom

Usually we start this feature with “We missed you this morning, [fill in the name]” but this time we have to open with WE ARE VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH YOU TOM!

You are probably wondering three things:

1. Why are you featuring someone on Tuesday, a non-workout day for November Project tribe?
2. Who is this Tom guy that pissed you off so much?
3. And why are you are DISAPPOINTED?

Let’s start with the Tuesday workout. Right now November Project meets only 2 times a week and in August we will be adding the third session. That still leaves us with few days in between that we like to utilize for other activities like bike riding, running, crossfit, yoga, rowing, just to name the few. This morning we ventured out to Henderson Boathouse (home of the Northeastern University Huskies) to row boats with some very solid dudes as the part of NURA (Northeastern University Rowing Alumni).

Tom is our college friend and fairly regular visitor of stadium sessions. He’s also a very nice guy, great athlete, and some ladies would say he’s not too bad on the eyes. Tom’s also known for having tree trunks for quads which he loves to flex at any photo opportunity. So how can a guy this nice disappoint so much?

For those of you who are not familiar with the sport of rowing there are 8 people in the boat that row, and one person – a coxswain – that steers the boat around the river, calls the tactical moves and keeps those 8 people in sync. Tom was suppose to be one of those 8 people that are rowing but he decided not to show up. Now we all did our share of sleeping in, setting up alarm clocks for PM instead of AM, or doing all the silly things that one can do miss the workout. They are all honest mistakes that happen to everyone. But Tom did none of those. He woke up when his alarm went on. He saw that the thunder storm was approaching Boston and decided to check in with the team captain if the row is still going on. After captain told him that thunder will pass and that row is still on, Tom expressed his concerned about the rain and never showed up for the workout. Rain!? Rain, Tom!? Really!? Here at November Project we are proud to be #weatherproof. We do work in the rain, snow or shine. We don’t use weather as an excuse to bail on 8 people. We don’t use weather to bail on the guy that gets up at 4am to drive for an hour to make it to practice. We don’t do that Tom. And neither did you, until this morning… and that’ why we’re disappointed.

Also, Tom, hate to break it to you but Santa doesn’t exist.

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3 Replies to “We missed you this morning, Tom”

  1. The plot thickens. I woke up 30 min later and realized I had missed several frantic calls and texts (my phone was on silent). I sped to the boathouse as fast as I could but guess who had already left… Mr. Bojan! Apparently he had to go craft this well deserved post.

    All aside, there is nothing like some good old fashioned accountability. I missed the boat, figuratively and literally. Thank you for calling me out. Excuses are lame. I vouch to go sub 25 min on the stadium tomorrow…


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