We Missed You This Morning Tina!

Let’s get something out of the way. We take our verbals seriously. If you give a verbal, and you break that verbal, we will write you up. Even if you stay up late watching hockey and wake up with a terrible sinus infection, broken verbals are a serious matter. Were you practicing your fish face before you jump on a plane to Hawaii? Or were you finding out the best angle to take a pose with your finisher medal at this Sunday’s marathon?



Tina, you may not realize it, but people count on you to show up. I got so excited when I heard you were coming, it’s possible that I wouldn’t have even showed up this morning if you hadn’t said you would be there. I showed up this morning, but apparently it was all based on a LIE!

You know who else showed up? Erin. Erin also made you some delicious tarts filled with baked goodness. Rumour has it, that after you eat a dozen of them, your beach body game will be so good, that 84% of guys with 19% or less clothing will approach you. This has been proven by countless men and women in white two-piece lab coats.


It’s unfortunate that you missed out on these delicious tarts, especially since you are heading to Hawaii this afternoon. Don’t forget to pack your glasses and that sweater for your trip. It can get cold some nights.


Oh, and if you were worrying about your tarts, they did not go to waste. We enjoyed them thoroughly.


I was really hoping to tell you this in person this morning Tina, but on Sunday, when you step up to the start line, Bring the Thunder!



Tina, we missed you this morning.

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