We Missed You This Morning, Tim

Tim, November Project has been lucky to recruit you and your good looks to the morning workout group we call the November Project. See Tim, at November Project we ask our members to commit to themselves and each other by verbally committing to workouts. The way you said, “I’ll be there in the morning” multiple times yesterday when discussing NP and Friday Hills on Summit Ave, that lead me to believe you had, in the words of the tribe, “dropped a verbal.”

Turns out that I was completely wrong and that what you were trying to say was “I’ll be there unless it rains. After all, I have a pretty sharp haircut and I can’t get it messed up with outdoor training and fun.”

Cutting the crap: Tim, like Hilary Keats no-showing last week on a #DestinationDeck after dropping a verbal, you let us down. If you are allergic to rain and good times just give us the heads up. We ran in the rain and had an awesome time. There was no giant tarp that rolled out for a rain delay. I guess the bottom line is this… you didn’t show. We Missed You Tim Sabo.

For all the ladies out there Tim’s number is very single. Real talk!

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3 Replies to “We Missed You This Morning, Tim”

  1. Tim Sabo and I share the same area code. Fate? Most definitely. Call me, Tim (creepy whisper, hand in shape of phone to ear gesture). I’m only 3000 miles away

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