We Missed You This Morning, Tanis! (YEG)

Eventually, we will get you. Verbals are a huge part of November Project culture. In 30 cities across the world, we have never cancelled a workout. No one ever needs to ask if there is a workout. We WILL be there, and everyone knows it. As leaders, we have made that commitment to you, to the tribe, to the city and to the November Project world, that we will always have a workout for you. What originally was “I don’t need to verbal because I’m always there” turned into “everyone knows I will be there anyways” turned into “if I never verbal, then they can never write me a We Missed You post” turned to “I’m going to try my best to never verbal.”

Well, eventually this type of attitude will catch up to you. You’ll mess up eventually. And you did! You can run… (well I guess you’re not running since you weren’t there)… but you can’t hide… we will definitely find you (creep factor is high with us).

Your friend Teresa’s loyalty to you is admirable. I mean she came all the way from Calgary (because she loves our tribe one bajillion-trillion times more) to see you and then refused to send me the screenshot of you saying you’ll be at the hill this morning. She’s a good friend. A friend you should keep. In fact, she’s a much better friend than you. She didn’t stand you up this morning. And she also didn’t sell you out. Her only flaws are that she refuses to keep you accountable and she lives in Calgary. We’ll have to work on teaching her the right values but this isn’t about her. This is about you and as much as people tried to save you, we figured it out. We always do.


It was pretty apparent from her first workout in August 2013 that Tanis bleeds November Project. Her first workout was on her birthday, and it ended with a giant group hug with her in the middle of it. And while she was already a grown woman (in age), we felt like we had known her since she a wee little girl, like she was our daughter.


We’ve seen our little girl Tanis grow up with November Project. When she started, she was very clear that she’s not a runner. In fact, she will still claim that she’s not a runner, but that is a straight up lie. ——— Side Note: Tanis lied to me earlier this week in an attempt to have a couple of buffs saved for her and the love of her life (more on that later). What might have been a fair excuse was sniffed out by Jen when she saw them both at Blitz Conditioning later that evening. ———


Back to her not being a runner, how many non-runners have completed 2 marathons? The answer is zero.


We’ve seen her be in love with November Project, to finding love at November Project. She found her prince charming.


We have been keeping a close eye on the two of them. One might even say that we’ve been like the paparazzi capturing loving moments that the two of them share.


We heard her roommate moved out earlier this week. Many would be sad and need the comfort of their friends. Tanis, on the other hand, had an empty house, and chose to spend time with her Prince Charming all snuggled up under her blankets. To be honest, we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw her holding one of these 9 months from now (I’m referring to adoption, folks. The process takes 9 months to get approved. Get your minds out of gutter. It’s rated PG up in here.)



Tanis, while you might not love us as much anymore, you will always be one of our children and we will always love you.

We missed you this morning, Tanis!


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