We Missed You This Morning, Nick (PHL)

Our first We Missed You in the City of Brotherly Love…Nick, you have the honor and distinction of holding this spot.

Nick has been showing up at NP consistently and has become a fixture on the NP_PHL scene.  He is proficient in strong hugs, push-ups and also enjoys competitive shit talk (all in good fun of course).  It was even more surprising that Nick didn’t show up today because I was with him only 48 hours ago when we attended a hockey game together.  At said hockey game Nick told me how he “loved November Project” and how he was “totally committed to the movement” and “couldn’t wait for Wednesday…”

Well Nick as they say in politics, your rhetoric doesn’t match reality.  This morning we all huddled up at the Art Museum and everyone was wondering “Where is Nick?”  The dude was nowhere to be found.  You can sometimes find Nick at places called g-y-m-s (or something like that) doing pilates and “weight training,” patronizing local bars or spitting hot fire (‘Nicky B’ was all the rage back in State College) BUT you can always count on finding him at the Art Museum Wednesday mornings.  Except this Wednesday morning. He was not there.

We don’t hate you Nick and we are not responsible for your alcohol consumption.  Furthermore, we are #hangoverproof so that excuse, like most others…well, sucks.  We hope you do set records.  And we did crush it today Nick, but we crushed it without you.

Nick, you made a verbal commitment to the group to show up and you broke that commitment.  You couldn’t make the trek from Society Hill to the Art Museum.  Maybe you were a little too hungover, maybe you were plotting Nicky B’s comeback tour, maybe your comforter was a little too comfortable…but all we have to say is…We Missed You, Nick.

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