We Missed You This Morning, Neaera!

Dear Naera,

I know you were excited about the Pat’s win over the weekend, and watching James sleep for hours after snowboarding all day got you kinda jealous. The problem was, you were supposed to be at the workout Monday morning, and you didn’t show up. Did you just not feel like joining us in the rain?! (We had a blast by the way, but I’m sure you could’ve guessed that…)


So, next time the Pats win, and you have too many PBRs, don’t forget about us. It might be early, but we wake up and expect you to be there. Don’t hit snooze on that alarm clock, ‘cause you know you’ll have a serious face of #FIMO later, just hop up and go.

Think about it this way: Are you really going to be able to justify that second slice of pizza you sniped off the kitchen table if you keep missing workouts?! They don’t put just any dog on the cover of Runner’s World, now do they?!?

We know it’s hard for you to get to work outs, and we’re really just yankin’ your leash! All we really want you to know, is WE MISSED YOU NEAERA!

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