We missed you this morning, ???? and Laurence

[Editors note: the post has been censored from it’s original version as one of the featured members is going through the job interviewing process. While we’re trying to motivate folks with any means necessary, we don’t want to jeopardize people’s careers.]

As our tribe is growing, verbal commitments are becoming more frequent. Today we’re featuring TWO no-shows, ???? ?. and Laurence M. who bailed on their friends for one reason or the other.

???? ?. is a standup guy, a physical specimen, and an unending source of positive energy and enthusiasm. Turns out ???? had himself a big Tuesday night. Details are sketchy at best, but it is known that he somehow managed to turn a 5-mile cab ride into a 20-mile excursion through Boston, and stayed up through all hours of the night yelling at the Womens Gynastics Team on DVR. One can only assume that he was overserved. ???? decided to sleep in, leaving the rest of us to #Frogman1 without him! We know he won’t make this mistake again….

Our second feature of today’s “We Missed You” double-header, Laurence M, comes to us from Northeastern Women’s Rowing. You can tell that based on her text message below, Laurence was setting herself up to bail last minute. Jello legs, shorter workout… symptoms are all too familiar. Last excuse that Laurence dropped was that she left her iPod in the rowing tanks and that’s why she wasn’t able to partake in #FrogMan1. C’mon, Laurence! As former Northeastern Rowers, and still active NU rowing alumni, NP Co-founders have no sympathy for this type of behavior especially coming from a fellow Husky. Good ol’ sore-leg / I-lost-my-iPod excuse doesn’t fly, you should know that better than anyone.

We hope that both ??? and Laurence will join us soon!

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