We Missed You This Morning, Michael

Our friend Jenna is taking her verbals very seriously. So seriously, that she’s submitting her third candidate. Enjoy…

This is Michael. Michael is my friend, colleague, awesome UX designer, and a full-time good looking guy. He started coming to NP in the fall when I somehow convinced him to get his butt out of bed to drive us to Harvard to run up and down some stairs before we head to work. He enjoyed it, and every Tuesday he assured me he would be pick me up the next morning at 5:08AM. Then the winter came and Michael was less and less excited about leaving his warm bed to brave the cold.


Around the time of his first NP attendance, Michael proposed to his beautiful girlfriend. Now that there is a date set for the wedding, Michael decided to get into the “fighting shape” so he can look fierce yet protective in his wedding photos. With the new year having started 8 days ago, Michael agreed that he was ready to get back with tribe and work on his rugged looks. We agreed on our usual 5:08AM pickup time and I was glad to have him back.

At 4:56PM yesterday, I got an email stating that Michael’s lovely fiance dropped the only car key in the snow last week BUT he will still make it to the stadium. I emailed back all excited about his dedication and commitment to get into the “fighting-shape”. But when 5:30am rolled around, Michael was nowhere to be found.

Now Michael, I know that as Atlanta native you may find this morning’s weather conditions unusual and harsh but you knew what you got yourself into when you moved to Boston. You also knew that broken verbal would cements your name on the pantheon of the “We Missed You” page.

I don’t know if the late night viewing of New Girl or strong urge to be the first in line for the office “Bagel Wednesday” was the reason that kept you from #RisingAndShining, but this morning but We Missed You, Michael!

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