We Missed You This Morning, Marcus

Marcus Wilhelm is a man who knows commitment. He spent two years in the Swedish military back in the 80s. During the fricking Cold War! He has an actual real life green beret that he earned for distinguished service, for perseverance, for not giving up despite brutal training regimens that left lesser men weeping and whining for sleep. Not Marcus. He took whatever was dished out, and asked for more.

It’s this “never give up” mentality that has served Marcus in his new-found sport of ultrarunning. The guy jumped from marathons to trail races of 50k, 50 miles, and last month, 100 miles! Even if his training is sometimes lacking, he knows he can get it done and finish the race, digging deep for reserves of strength that most people never need to even think about accessing. The mental toughness of a Navy Seal.

But this morning, all the toughness, grit, and fortitude couldn’t save him from the complex task of setting an alarm for 5:30 am. Isn’t that high noon for Navy Seals? The old Marcus probably would have come to the stadium anyways and done a double set to make up for this slip. But no, he decided to stay home, take the easy way out, and feel sorry for himself. Has this man gone soft?? We want to see you out there next week EARLY, Marcus, putting in the time to get ready for your next ultra adventure. The tribe missed you!! We missed your bad jokes, your goofy smile and your grunting!!

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