We Missed You This Morning, MAGGIE

Maggie, MAGGIE, Maggie,
A core member TURBO chick in the 5:30 group, Maggie has it all. From her smile, to her hips in hugs, she reps what #NP_DC is all about. The previous Skidmore soccer player has been known to run   from College Park, leaving at 2:30 am only being fueled by the thoughts of spray paint, fuck yeahs, and her boy, Abe.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 10.34.00 AM

Last night, Maggie in an attempt to bring her non NP friends to our Smile Factory, she planned herself a little slumber party (Maggie is young at heart). They made popcorn, watched Cool Runnings for inspiration, and dreamt of George Meade. This morning when I went in for my classic Maggie smile/hug, she and her three friends were no where to be found.

The worst part about this: her usual running partner, her MOTHER MOIRA/MONA, was with us this morning smiling, hugging, and bear crawling around George Meade. We may need to set a 6:29 am curfew for you for future workouts. Hope you enjoy your non NP earned weekend and we “for real” hope to reunite with you Wednesday. Fuck yeah.


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