We Missed You this morning, Leah (YEG)

It has been awhile since we wrote a We Missed You post, but with all of this fresh start for the new year business, this is in order.

I’ve been away for most of December. One of the unfortunate things about being away during this time, I did not get to see people who were home for the holidays. Instead, I could only look at pictures and wish that I was there to give those people hugs as they were enjoying Edmonton. I don’t take it personally that I can’t be there. In fact, I blame myself. I’m the one who is away while they are back. And I thought that was the case with my dear friend, Leah. She claims to go to school in Scotland. She also claims to be my friend. Yet, when she said she dropped a verbal for today’s workout, I thought to myself… “Does Leah even go to school? Is she actually living in Scotland?” As a friend, I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. Then, this morning, as I made my way down the stairs before anyone else, I carefully watched as every person arrived. I awkwardly looked at them, hoping it was Leah. One by one, I was met with sadness. It’s hard to explain the sadness, but it was like a papercut, 60 times.. one after the other… I thought that my vacation was the reason I didnt see you over your break.. but maybe meant to do this so that you woudl not have to see me. Now I’m questioning everything. Would Leah have shown up if the rest of her wolfpack was here? Is she even my friend? Is Leah even a real person? Does Scotland even exist?

I can only look back on our friendship with fond memories… at least I remember them fondly.. but I’m not sure if they were real either.


Remember the time we went Larping? Was that real?


Or the time we convinced you that if you took your eyes off the coke can, a puppy would starve?

Oh! And how every time I told you a joke, you laughed.. at least I thought you laughed.. now that I think of it, maybe this isn’t the face of you laughing.


I get sad when verbals are broken. Please don’t do this to me again. Next time, I’m going to wait until you show up.. even if I have to wait forever…. and we all know what happened last time someone said that….

Dear Leah, We Missed You this morning.

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