We Missed You This Morning, Kelsey

If you’ve ever been introduced to Kelsey O’Neil you know her hugs are the best. Meet her once and she will remember your name. Those who are lucky enough to know this recent faithful November Project tribeswoman and recruiter call her Keke or Kels, among other unnecessary spins on her name. In her spare time, she enjoys just about anything involving the Charles River, volunteering in the community and making connections with anyone and everyone. Yet, she apparently likes breaking verbals, too.

Word on the street is that she called a certain fellow NPer at 10:45pm last night inviting them to join her in the morning and ended the conversation by saying “I’ll see you there.” Yet, a mere 2 hours and fifteen minutes later she texted that same person breaking her verbal. She decided that her bed was going to be more appealing than hugging fabulous people at 6:30am.

Can’t go to sleep? Too busy thinking about Mark Wahlberg and all his glory? Well if you showed you would have SEEN Mark Wahlberg in all his glory. I can’t blame Kelsey. It was a whole mile from her apartment. That’s just too far. Plus it was a freezing 50 degrees this morning. She could have caught a cold.

Kelsey, you did your first full tour on the stadiums last week. You even wore a fake baby doll in a Baby Bjorn on Pack Day. We know you love November Project, but this morning we didn’t feel the love. Next time you drop a verbal try to sustain it for longer than two hours and fifteen minutes. This is the second time you’ve broken a verbal, and we hope it is the last. We love you, Kelsey. We missed you this morning, Kelsey.

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