We Missed You This Morning, Katie

Post (or should I say blast) submitted by out boy Scott. Well done sir, well done…

Hi Katie remember way back early in the summer when I had just started going to November Project and you asked me about it and you said you really liked the idea? I’m pretty sure that was May or June. I was so excited I might have recruited someone new! Then the weeks passed and you continued to consider it. You even got my hopes up with encouraging messages like: “I’m potentially considering whether or not going to Harvard to just try out the stairs is a good idea.”

The weeks turned into months and you were nowhere to be found. Then, on the evening of August 6, you pledged that in 30 days you will run the stadium. To keep you honest, I’ve put in in my calendar. There was a witness. 30 days from August 6, was last week. You still didn’t show up.

I gave you a pass when you missed it last week but I spoke with you last night and I thought this was surely the week you would make it happen. Even as I sat for the group photo this morning, I was scanning through the crowd hoping to see your face.

But after the workout when I checked my phone the following note greeted me: “So when I woke up this morning I was motivated but realized that motivation would be put to better use if I went to work to catch up.”

Really Katie we understand. Actually we don’t. We at November Project take our verbals very seriously, and you bailed on one choosing “work” over F-bombs, hugs, and high-fives. Your loss. We missed you this morning, Katie!

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