We Missed You This Morning JLQ

When you hear these three letters JLQ, you immediately think beard. Majestic, thick, bushy, red-hair, beard.

I mean I’m surprised that that thing doesn’t have a twitter profile yet. One thing you DO NOT think about when you hear JLQ is missed workouts. And not just any workout, we’re talking about the PR day. For a dude that lives and breathes two things (Boston Bruins and November Project) we were all surprised to see or should I say not see him this morning.

The thing is, people rely on JLQ or as friends call him Jason Littman-Quinn for short, to be the carpooling leader and an early morning motivator. He instructs people where and when to meet when riding bikes to the workouts so they don’t miss out on the fun and games that NP workouts are. So some of us were very shocked when arriving to the meet-up spot by the Mass Ave Bridge this morning not to see that beautiful ginger beard basking in the morning sunshine.

The reasons for JLQ’s no show are still unclear. Was it the Bruins unfortunate Stanley Cup final loss in the game 6 that’s got him down? Is he still drinking his sorrow away? Or was this just an alarm clock-setting mishap? Whatever the case may be, we really missed you this morning JLQ!

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