We Missed You This Morning, Goldie

Goldie was recently awarded Best of Boston 2012 for yoga instructors and she’s a huge NP supporter. She’s constantly recruiting at yoga studios, cross-fit gyms, on the streets of Boston, and the many pages of her social media. She’s also dating one of the co-founders of November Project and since we want to keep it that way, the other co-founder is writing this post. One might ask, if we like Goldie so much why are we featuring her in the “We Missed You” section? For the exact same reason we feature ANYONE on the “We Missed You” section – a broken verbal.

Reasons for Goldie’s no-show are still a little blurry. We don’t know if the #DestinationDeck location was too far from her apartment (.5 miles), or she thinks that pushups are just too hard (she can do downward dog for 45 minutes straight). Maybe she just had a very bad case of MyPillowIsWayMoreAttractiveThanMyBoyfriendInSpandexPants disease… I guess we will never know. What we do know is that Goldie was lighting up the social media as recently as last night inviting people to #DestinationDeck and then failed to make an appearance herself. That’s a big no-no in NP circles even though we really appreciate the hype. Goldie, please keep #RecruitingMoreRacers but then don’t forget to come out and join all of these new recruits. “We (really) Missed You” this morning.

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