We Missed You This Morning, Goldie (Again)

The chance of me getting an email that reads something along the lines of the note below are getting stronger every day.

Dear Bojan, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances that have presented themselves during the last few days, your invitation to the Graham-Kaufenberg wedding has been retracted.

I think that the post from this Sunday was enough to get me in some trouble, but this one may break the camels back. However, as we all know, no one is safe from The Wall, so today I present to you (for the second time) our friend Goldie.

When BG’s ass made it up on the wall on Sunday, Goldie took it up to the social media to defend her man. And boy, what a job she did. She made sure that everyone knew that BG is not a human-robot from the planet 12-pack-abs that can go 24/7 without resting his loins and icing his groin every now and then. She defended her man like a fearless lioness protecting her cub (even though BG looks more like a gangly baby giraffe but I digress). So when she announced her appearance at the stadium this morning I thought that she will strike down with great vengeance and furious anger all of us (me) who dared to call her ailing fiance old and soft. I was expecting one of those epic F YOU type stair-running performances that even Sara Wild wouldn’t be able to match. But Goldie wasn’t there…

Not because she couldn’t get there. Oh no, there were plenty of folks offering to get Goldie to lower Allston for her epic performance. She didn’t come because she just stayed in bed cuddling with her sick baby man-giraffe.


Can we blame her? Of course we can, and we will! Regardless of how cute and cuddly Noodles (that’s my name for BG baby giraffe) may be, we take our verbals very seriously. Even though you may had the best sleep of your life, you could have taken a little break to come out and play in the snow. You know that Noodles would patiently wait for you to come back into his arms, or legs, or whatever giraffes hug people with, and you would comb his Macklemore/hipster haircut. The bottom line is, you missed an amazing workout, but most importantly We Missed You This Morning, Goldie!

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One Reply to “We Missed You This Morning, Goldie (Again)”

  1. ….seriously? No comments? Feel better, Noodles. And stay well, Goldie!! I have had such a hard time kicking this flu and lingering symptoms, it is no fun!! #nomoresuffering

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