We Missed You This Morning FJ

As everyone at November Project knows at this point – we take our verbals very seriously. If you give one, you better show up the next day or we’ll blast your ass on this wall so hard that you’ll walk weird for a week. No exemptions!

This morning multiple tribesmen and tribesladies mentioned one name that usually doesn’t get associated with broken verbals – FJ Perfas. If it was Katie Deans we wouldn’t be surprised. But FJ? He wouldn’t break a verbal… would he?

Last night at the super bowl party that FJ attended with his fellow tribespeople, he dropped a verbal in exchange for the start of a dance party. What a nice guy… Trying to get already solid group of people that are having tons of fun, to have a fucking blast, all for the cost of one tiny little verbal. No big deal, right? Definitely not for FJ. Well that’s what we all thought until we saw this facebook post.

FJ we understand that yesterday was a long and eventful day, and that you accomplished a lot. For that we salute you. But as a leader of Boston Brunch Runners, a group that’s founded on good vibe, scenic runs, delicious food, and most importantly – verbal commitments, you should be held to the same standards. So next time you decide to break the verbal, just remember that hugging your tribe is hundred times better than hugging your pillow. We missed you this morning, FJ!

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