We missed you this morning, Erin

When you think about the general population from Wisconsin or Serbia, most of us have a stereotype that comes to mind. Accountable, funny, fast, fast as hell, punctual, great photography skills, and so on. Our good friend, fellow Madison, WI native, and recent November Project tribe member Erin Vierstra flat out stood us up this morning after a verbal commitment to a number of other members. Though she went right into some long winded journey of an excuse about “my TWO HOUR soccer game” she has tonight all we were able to hear was, “I am not sure you can consider me a committed member after breaking your hearts and the hearts of all billion members who showed up this morning after making their individual verbal commitments.” Erin Vierstra, you were missed. And for that we are sad. We hope that many full weeks of training in the months to come we can see our trust in you building back up to where it was yesterday. Until then [giant fake crying sounds] we have to add you to the wall.

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One Reply to “We missed you this morning, Erin”

  1. Absolutely F-ing, brutally hysterical! Sorry you were the target Erin, but I’m guessing it won’t happen again.

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