We Missed You This Morning, Emilie

So far this website section has seen all kinds of characters that range from Olympians, to brothers, girlfriends, Dutch dudes, Fighter Jets, and even few repeat offenders (looking at you Deans/Brando combo), but this morning we missed on our first wife. And this is not just any wife. This is MY wife, and I write this post with the sadness in my heart!

Folks, just to make something clear – I love my wife! She’s beautiful, kind, generous, supportive, understanding, and she deals with me on a daily basis (and that’s not an easy feat). She gathers NP scores into spreadsheets when I don’t have time and she cleans my sweaty workout clothes to keep me from smelling like a sewer. For Christ’s sake, she even tells me to stay away when she does the house choirs since “I don’t clean the place the right way”! Amazing, right!? If the golden Oscar statue, Nobel Prize and Kona’s IronMan Triathlon gold medals ALL had a baby, and we were giving that award for the Best Wife ever, she would be an overwhelming favorite to win her forth one. But then… this morning happened…

On Saturday night Emilie and I were enjoying a night on the town, soaking up the weekend, and hanging out with some cool NP peeps. At some point Emilie told few of those cool NP peeps that she “WILL be at the Monday morning workout.” To people not familiar with this exact situation – here at November Project we call that a verbal or verbal commitment or having just “dropped a verbal.” But this morning Emilie bailed on that very same verbal. That verbal that sounded so strong in the bar. Now, I understand that working in healthcare is tough and that caseloads can vary from the extremely boring to the Cirque du Soleil level entertainment, and that the transition between the two is as unpredictable as the weather here in New England. But I also know that from here on out, Emilie shouldn’t be passing out verbals around town like Dunkin Donuts flyers promoting a their next grand opening. The verbal is a sacred bond that this tribe was built upon and even co-founder’s wives will not be immune to the consequences of breaking one.

I can speak for only myself… and I love you… but we… we as a tribe…

We Missed You This Morning, Emilie.

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