We Missed You This Morning, Drew

Today’s blast comes from our friend Samantha, that travels 45 minutes (from Medway, MA) every Wednesday morning for her NP fixins. This morning her broken verbal struck little too close to the heart.

Okay time to burn some bridges, you had to know this was going to happen Drew..

Mr. Drew Deppen, my brother in law, has got to be one of the most determined people I know. Once he sets his mind to something he is doing it whether it be a 100 mile race, years of school to become a genius chiropractor or picking up his life and moving from Chicago to Boston with his wife. November Project was his find. While networking around his new home of Boston he heard about NP and after some persuasion he convinced Jackie (his wife/my sister) and myself that we will jump on board with these 6am workouts with him. We started attending November Project’s Wednesday stadium workouts on Sept 4th. The life changing, mood boosting, energy stricken workouts are the reason we have decided to dedicate our Wednesday mornings to NP. Every week he has pushed both of us to do a little more, go a little faster, keep a steady pace. His coaching skills we’re definitely a crutch at times (probably around stadium section 15.. why does it seem like my legs are always going to fall off right at that point?!) Well, enough of the compliments.

Today he dropped a verbal. Now, I don’t have a text saying he was coming, nor a voicemail but the three of us count on each other to wake up and get going every Wednesday morning and what does he do today? Decides to sleep in. I know the excuse he’s gonna give: he ran a marathon on Sunday (he wore his NP shirt by the way.. represent!) but so did Jackie and she was there at 6:15 crushing 40 sections. He let his wife go on without him. I’m not sure if I can let this one go just yet, the wound is still healing but lets make sure it never happens again. I’m sure that extra half hour of sleep doesn’t seem worth it now does it! WE MISSED YOU THIS MORNING DREW!!”

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