We Missed You This Morning, Daniel

Let me tell you a little story about our dear friend, and a family member, Daniel Kirk Graham. Aside from being known among his closest friends, as “Dan the Soccer Player”, having a Lacoste chest tattoo (very classy), he is also in great physical shape (just recently ran 50 mile race), and is better looking of the two Graham brothers (the younger one being our Co-Founder, Brogan Full-Of-Himself Graham).

Daniel (center) and Brogan (right) with their cousins

From the early days, Daniel, assured his physical dominance over his brother Brogan by constantly kicking his ass, which led to Brogan’s commitment to hard-core training, thinking that one day he’ll dethrone his older brother. Despite Brogan’s 15 hour/day training regiment, that day has yet to come.

But on the morning of Monday, November 19th, Daniel showed his weakness. While in Boston for his brother’s birthday celebration, Daniel committed to coming to one of the November Project™ workouts. The #DestinationDeck location was little over one mile away from where Daniel was staying and he still decided not to show up. Why?

Details are remain unclear at this time. Is it possible that proximity to the Atlantic Ocean negatively impacted Daniel’s body so used to harsh conditions of Wisconsin tundra? Should we assume that Dan (is it okay if we call you Dan?), lost his contact lenses, had trouble finding his workout gear in the dark, didn’t want to wake up the people that he was staying with by turning on the lights, finally gathered himself but then dropped his toothbrush in the toilet, and stubbed his toe on a bathroom doorstep? These are all just assumptions; The real reason of why Dan missed this rare opportunity to workout with the tribe will never be known. The only thing that we do know is that if his mother can make it to the NP workouts (Hills Session just days before) so can you – We Missed You, Dan!

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