We Missed You This Morning, Dan

Dan Walsh is from New England. He has a background in wrestling (silly little CT state champ) and has done a fair amount of competitive rowing. These days Dan coaches the student-athletes out of Henderson Boathouse for the Northeastern Men’s Rowing team while still making time to dye his patchy beard spots on a semi-regular basis. As a new November Project member it’s been hard for Dan to fully wrap his brain around the November Project way of life.

You see Dan, when we guide the tribe to Monday’s standard #DestinationDeck at Christopher Columbus Park starting at 6:30 AM and you tell the tribe, “Sounds good tribe. I’ll be there,” well, we expect to see you there on time. What went down that morning is that Dan wasn’t able to wake up and join us because of the gravitational pull created by the warmth of his bed which apparently outweighed his love and commitment to the tribe.

We’ll assume that this was Dan simply testing the boundaries – trying to see if we’d really blast our only tribe member that just happens to be USA Olympic Medalist. Well you know what Dan? You’ve raced many international crews and come away with tons of international hardware and boat racing fame. We’re here to highlight the battle you just lost by many lengths of open water to a simple alarm clock on Monday morning. Most of all, We Missed You on Monday, Dan.

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