We Missed You This Morning, Christine

Today’s blast comes from Elin and Daniel, two dudes that know how to throw it down on Thursday night and then show up bright eyed and bushy tailed on Friday morning. I guess not everyone is capable of doing the same.

Friday Morning…

Woooooo was that some party last night or what? Remember the dancing? The awesome dueling pianos? Everyone belting out a pretty terrible cover of Hotel California? We didn’t want the night to end, but it was ok because we all told each other we’d see our beautiful faces in a short 5 hours atop Summit Ave. That made going home all the much easier.

Except we didn’t see your beautiful face, Christine. While most of us awakened bleary-eyed and hungover and climbed our way to the top of Summit Ave, you slept right on through the TWO alarms you set. Maybe the night was too much for you. Maybe the thought of having to say goodbye to Thijs made you sad and you didn’t want to come. Maybe you need a new alarm clock. Maybe… Maybe… Maybe..

In life there are many uncertainties. Will it rain? 10% chance. Head or tails? 50% chance. Will chicken cross the road? Depends on who’s telling the joke. But one thing is 100% certain – if you break the verbal your ass will make it up on the wall. WE MISSED YOU THIS MORNING CHRISTINE!

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