We Missed You This Morning, Chris Marshall

Chris Marshall is a badass marathon runner, the only tribe member that recruited the whole Division I basketball team to join in on a #DestinationDeck, and the guy that’s been lobbying for runners safety on Summit ave so hard that we named revolutionary no-parking-on-the-hill-during-the-workout-rule after him. But this morning Chris Marshall made a horrible mistake – he bailed on his verbal. In the efforts to recruit more racers he sent this tweet to @mochnaczmonster “Friday am. You, me, a hill, and @Nov_Project”

Inspiring tweet no doubt. Hell, if I got that tweet I would be so worked up for the workout that I would have to watch Rocky 4, Rudy, and the Hoosiers back to back to back because I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep from all the excitement. But Chris Marshall didn’t have to stay up all night watching inspiring 90’s movies. He slept well in the comfort of his bed. He slept so well that he tried to cover his sleepy tracks with this lame tweet blaming foot problems for the missed workout.

Dear Chris Marshall let me tell you something about foot problems… I know a guy whose toes are so infected that they might fall off but he was there this morning cheering people on. I know a girl that has stress fractures in her foot sidelining her from running for few weeks but she was there this morning doing #InjuryDeck. I know a girl that’s training for a half ironman but can’t run because the walking boot and crutches will be messing up her stride for the next 6 weeks – but she was also there this morning cheering on her tribe. See the pattern here?

So please, next time you’re bail on your verbal just say that you slept in, don’t blame it on injury because there are a lot of injured people out there that still come out because they said they would. We love you Chris Marshall, we hope that your foot heals soon, but most of all We Missed You this morning .

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