We Missed You This Morning Burger! (YEG)

Matthew Matthew Matthew… you probably thought you got away with this one, but nope, we didn’t forget. We know it’s hard to give/spell a verbal. But you know what’s harder? Waiting around for someone who gave a verbal and didn’t show. This We Missed You Post comes from the words of his good friend, Boy Dale.


Matthew Burger. He has been a family friend (more closely with my younger brother Luke) since as far back as I can remember. The funny thing about ‘Burgs’ ‘hamburglar’ or most commonly ‘burger’ is obviously the nick names. Like most of my friends that are introduced to the NP, their affiliation with me is through soccer. New comers to the team are dismayed to learn that burger is not a first name, nor a nickname, but literally his last name. Andrea who attends both NP and soccer with me recently asked “so whats his actual name?”… sorry Andrea, my bad I need to maybe introduce him by his “real” name. And while you’re getting hungry thinking about grabbing some fast food. We have a healthier option “sandwich”; actually his name Is Reuben… sorry bad pun;) or pehaps youd like to meet our tall stalky girl “Lisa Celery”. Ok that I made that one up…and before these get any worse I’ll clarify Reuben is my brother and actually plays on the team as well as attends NP when work isn’t interfering.

To keep Matt and I motivated/accountable in attending we regularily send each other harassment  texts/youtube links to wake-up/pump up songs to “get our ass out of bed”. But this year something happened… verbals (yes you heard right, more than one) were followed by no shows. Matt is such a gentle kind-hearted, good friend I couldn’t bring myself to ridiculling him online, but after three strikes, you are out of the ball game my friend!


@sportsmedmatt you shall feel the shame of the many tribe members you let down today. And the unforgivable sin (no show after a verbal)… however, all is forgiven with a honored verbal on friday.

@dchipped out


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